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TechBytes is a weekly dose of tech gathered into one post! I will be putting articles that I’ve written from the past few days, related articles from various sites in the web, and tech videos! Since I posted late for this week, I’m doing TechBytes Supersized 2! More and more tech stuff!

Spectacular Spectacles!

techbytes supersized 2 spectacles
Image from Snap Inc.

Snapchat (now known as Snap Inc.) just released Spectacles, their big wearable push. They are glasses that has a camera which records 10-second videos. It then sends them to the Snapchat app on your phone via Bluetooth. I know that we all have this weird fear of being recorded all the time. (Thank you, Google Glass.) A reason why I think this will be more successful because it’s made for a single purpose only. That, and they look like simple stylish glasses in their own right. (Maybe not as stylish as the usual ones.)

Another cool thing about this is the fact that they are sold in vending machines like this:

techbytes supersized 2 snapbot vending machines
Image from Spectacles YouTube channel.

I think this is awesome in its own right. They only pop up in random places in the US (for now). This is a refreshing new take on selling consumer products. Despite the feeling of scarcity, I hope this will show up in other countries in the future.

MacBook Pro with Touch Bar Review Roundup

techbytes supersized 2 macbook pro
Image from Apple Inc.

Reviews of the new MacBook Pro with the Touch Bar are in. You can read the roundup for yourself HERE, but here are some tidbits I got from those reviews:

  • The Touch Bar is not a gimmick, but it alone doesn’t justify the high price of these new laptops.
  • Performance seems to vary from different reviews. It may be powerful enough for the average user but Pros want more than that sometimes.
  • The battery life is shockingly random for a MacBook. The MacBook Air manages to still hold the record for the best battery life on a Mac.

Despite knowing the higher-resolution screen eats up more power, I thought that the new laptops would do better. All I know is that I’m not getting a new laptop anytime soon.

OnePlus 3T

techbytes supersized 2 oneplus 3t

Months after the launch of the OnePlus 3, OnePlus launched the OnePlus 3T. It’s basically a more powerful OnePlus 3. What makes it different from its predecessor is the faster Snapdragon 821, a bigger 3,400 mAh battery, and a 16-megapixel front camera (like the cool Oppo F1s).

I found it weird that OnePlus is doing this just 6 months after they put out the OnePlus 3. We’ll see if this phone is as beloved as its predecessor or not.

Globe Tattoo LTE Mobile WiFi Price Cut!

techbytes supersized 2 globe tattoo lte
Image from Globe Telecom Facebook page.

After Globe did a price cut on both the Tattoo 4G Mobile WiFi and LTE Mobile WiFi, they are doing ANOTHER PRICE CUT for the latter! The Globe Tattoo LTE Mobile WiFi now costs P1495! Despite the shortcomings I mentioned in my review, this is a good recommendation to people who want faster internet speeds. With the lower price, it’s becoming a better deal! Good job Globe!

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The good people over at Fine Upgrades sent me their newest product: the CLIC Magnetic Cable! It basically acts like the MagSafe technology found in Apple’s MacBooks. Packaging is nice. Let’s see if the actual product is.

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Featured Videos

I literally just saw this while writing this post. It’s actually insane that Google does this well.
Software – 1, Hardware – 0

I was intrigued by what was inside Google’s Popup Store in New York City. If this isn’t the best way to show off what Google has to offer, then I don’t know what is.

MacBook Pro with Touch Bar Review from The Verge

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Stories on the Web

(Same as before, just article names and links. Nothing more.)

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This is it for TechBytes SUPERSIZED 2! Do you like this longer form version or would you still like it bite-sized every week? Sound off in the comments!

14 thoughts on “TechBytes Supersized 2! | Spectacles, Touch Bar

  1. The photo scanning is actually awesome!! Also, telcos nowadays release one phone version closely after they just released a new one. The competition is quite tough in terms of how fast one company can come up with a new phone or what. They all seem like in a hurry all the time. LOL

  2. I am kinda bummed about the price cut for Globe’s LTE. Not because I don’t like cheaper devices but because I bought that same pocket wifi for a much higher price. I am not having any regrets tho, because I am one very satisfied customer.

  3. You know what? I’d actually be down to get me one of those Spectacles if they were available here and were priced reasonably. I just wanna Snap the reaction of people looking at me as I were it in the streets. Hahaha.

  4. I just googled Spectacles after reading your blog post and it sounds interesting. Well, it is creepy, but duh, we don’t even know the government already knows all our whereabouts. Haha. I would love to get one of these and use it sa bukid. 😀

  5. The Spectacles seem to be a great product of Snap Inc., and their vending machines are absolutely cute! Masaag pod unta sila diris Cebu, Philippines hahaha. And thanks to your techbytes series, updated jud kos latest techie trends run! Didn’t even know nga Snap Inc na ang Snapchat run hahaha

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