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Best Cebu Technology Blogger Finalist?!?

Jullian Robin Sibi 22

I was starting my day last October 26 when a friend sent me a message through Facebook. He sent me a link to a website. When I saw the site,  I was really REALLY surprised! I found out that I was a Finalist for Best Cebu Technology Blogger in the Best Cebu Blogs Awards 2016!

I was so happy when I found out! It felt like what I did for the blog was worth it. I love sharing my thoughts about the latest tech topics. Doing reviews is simply the best! Even though I would have a hard time blogging, I know that I would truly enjoy doing it.

Being a Finalist already means so much to me since I’ve only been doing this blog for over a year now. I surely have come a long way since the blog was still in this form. From a hybrid personal blog, Utterly Random Techie has turned into a tech blog where I share my thoughts on gadgets and tech that affects people.

I am truly grateful to be a Finalist.

So you ask yourself: “What are the Best Cebu Blogs Awards?”

The 9th Best Cebu Blogs Awards; Matured Cebu Bloggers

best cebu blogs awards - best cebu technology blogger

It cannot be denied that the Cebu Blogging Community has grown into different organizations with their own specific goals. There is the premier in the region, Cebu Bloggers Society and lately, Cebu Blogging Community and Cebu Fashion Bloggers were formed. Indeed, Cebu Bloggers have matured.  In relation to this healthy competition, members of the said groups had started focusing from a single Niche into multiple Niches in their Blogs. But the good thing is, Cebu Bloggers remain true to the passion that we promise to maintain and live on. In the spirit of camaraderie, Best Cebu Blogs Awards (BCBA) has been the arena of Cebu-based Bloggers every year. Giving them the opportunity to mingle with other Bloggers, the anticipated BCBA Night is our venue of friendship as this year, the PLDT consumer business unit, PLDT HOME is joining us as our Co-Presenter together with Philippines’ No. 1 residential condominium developer, Megaworld Corporation. These big companies will surely draw our BCBA Finalists’ faces with smiles during this prestigious Awards Night.

On October 26, BCBA officially announced the Finalists from each Niches competing for the coveted title, Best Cebu Bloggers! During the awards night, seven winners will be revealed namely : Best Cebu Entertainment Blogger, Best Cebu Food Blogger, Best Cebu Personal Blogger, Best Cebu Photo Blogger, Best Cebu Style Blogger, Best Cebu Technology Blogger (I am one of the Finalists HERE!) and Best Cebu Travel Blogger. Aside from these desired Titles, our Official Ridesharing Partner, UBER will also award one BCBA Finalist to be named as UBER Influencer Award. Not just that! Our partner, The Memoriter Writing Service believes in the writing skills of our beloved Finalists, thus one BCBA Finalist will bring home the title, “Best Creative Writing in a Blog” Award.

Mark Monta, BCBA Founder and Head during his Welcome Remarks on BCBA 2015 Awards Night
Mark Monta, BCBA Founder and Head during his Welcome Remarks on BCBA 2015 Awards Night

This year’s Award’s Night is full of excitement and surprises. We have added special Awards and Recognition with the help of our Co-Presenters, Megaworld Corporation, PLDT Home and of course, our ridesharing partner, UBER” says Mark Monta, BCBA Founder and Head. ” I was once asked why I founded this award-giving body and my response was, Cebu Bloggers are world-class bloggers. They deserved to be recognized for their crafts. It was hard since I am the founder of Cebu Bloggers Society and people start thinking of bias results. But that’s why we asked volunteer Judges from different Organizations in the Philippines to join us to do the evaluation.” He added.

This event would not be possible without the help of our beloved Sponsors and partners.

BCBA 2016 Co-Presenters:



Official Ridesharing Partner:








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  1. Congrats, Jullian! To more tech geek info from #URTechie. Good luck! 🙂 ‘Til next year (or the year after next).

  2. The best feeling ever is when you’re being recognized, this may be by award or by just the people around us. You deserve this award so much Julian and wish you more awards to come. Congratulations and the best of luck.


  3. Rea Rea

    Congraaatttssss!!! Keep blogging Jullian! You have real opinions about tech. Keep it up! See you on the 27th. Ay tomorrow pa sad diay. LOL

  4. Congrats Jullian! You’re the only tech blogger I know in Cebu because of your awesome updates and posts about technology. I don’t need to google for updates, I just head on to your site!

  5. Congrats Jullian. Really glad some of people sa HIBsters were nominated. All your efforts paid off gyud. Keep blogging Jullian. =)

  6. Wooooh! Big congratulations to you guys! Rooting for you! Hope you guys win! 😀

  7. Congratulations Jullian! Advance thank you on the iPhone Raffle you’re having for us. 🙂

  8. Kat Kat

    I knew it najud nga ma nominate ka! You’re just really passionate in what you do and you deserve this nomination jud! Congratulations Julz!!!

  9. Congratulations, Jullian! Tech blogs is probably the least of my favorite niche because I’m not a techie, but yours truly deserved to be recognized. Keep blogging, and always remember, with or without these awards, your passion in blogging is what’s more important. 🙂

  10. Congrats Jullian. Matalo o manalo man, basta daug naka daan! ?

    You really deserve this recognition. Keep writing about tech. Kay anha ra ko mag refer sa imong articles … Congrats again! Hapit na ang awards night…?

  11. Congratulations for being one of the finalist.. You deserved it Jullian!

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