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Months after getting the Tattoo 4G Mobile WiFi for review and pitting it up against Smart Bro’s 4G PocketWiFi twice, I finally got the best thing that Globe Telecom has to offer for users! I finally got the Globe Tattoo LTE Mobile WiFi!

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It just recently got a price cut from P3,495 to a more affordable price of P1,995! I was really surprised when they decided to this along with the Tattoo 4G Mobile WiFi price cut. I believe that this is a push to get more and more people to use the internet.

Another good thing about buying this is that it comes with FREE 5GB of data for 7 days! That’s right! The 5GB actually costs around P999 when you subscribe to the GoSURF 999 promo. It really gives you a bang for your buck!

Whether your phone supports LTE or not, Globe wants you to take advantage of their Tattoo prepaid offerings.

Without much distraction, here’s what’s inside the box!

Inside The Box

tattoo lte mobile wifi unboxing contents
Inside the box: The Globe Tattoo LTE Mobile WiFi device, a microUSB charging cable, Globe’s Prepaid LTE Tri-cut SIM, and the 2050 mAh battery.

The contents are just the usual standard stuff you expect. I’m happy that they included a Tri-Cut LTE SIM in the box.  I can use the SIM in LTE-capable devices such as the iPhone 7 and Google Pixel (more on this soon on the blog!). The battery for the device is slightly bigger than even an iPhone 7! (2050 mAh compared to 1960 mAh)

Tattoo LTE Mobile WiFi First Impressions

tattoo lte mobile wifi unboxing impressions

The device itself is surprisingly light. I thought that there would be an added bulk because of LTE connectivity. It’s a good thing they went for this model because this is a light device for what it is. I love that the device itself comes in black. Black gadgets really look sleek to me. I just hope Apple puts out a black MacBook and I may just do a premature laptop upgrade! Hehe.

Setup is fairly simple to do and is similar to the 4G Mobile WiFi. Accessing the administrator menu takes a little more time though. It may be due to the manufacturer not being familiar compared to Huawei and its 4G Mobile WiFi.  It’s not much of a hassle though.

The screen really helps especially when knowing how much data you have used since you first turned on the device. I currently do not know how to reset it when I hit a month’s usage. Hopefully I’ll know during the review.

I am impressed so far by the Globe Tattoo LTE Mobile WiFi! I’ll need to do more testing on it including speed tests to see if it truly brings LTE speeds regardless of the device I use. Watch out for that in my review of this device soon!

28 thoughts on “Tattoo LTE Mobile WiFi Unboxing!

  1. Oh Gosh, I am not aware that there’s a good device like this. I used to still cling to the pocket wifi that globe has. This one is more reliable since it is LTE. I’ll certainly buy this one of these days, while taking advantage of their promo. Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. The thin line between 4G LTE and LTE Advance is so confusing to me. Nonetheless, I think service providers should focus on improving signal quality, strength, and ubiquity. So people can just access the internet through their own smartphones. But this is quite handy though for bloggers and people making business through online engagement. 😀

  3. I won a Globe mobile wifi stick before but gave it away because the connection sucks in our area. This one’s kinda interesting though. I might just purchase one if I read enough credible reviews. Will wait for yours. ?

  4. I am impressed too. My internet connection at home sucks and I am contemplating if I borrow from you the Tattoo LTE Mobile or should I buy my own. Can you lend the device to me for a couple of days so that I can decide?

  5. I’m considering getting one of these one day. Whenever I travel, I only use my phone’s mobile data for work and it sucks big time. Hahaha.

  6. I remember buying my SmartBro LTE Pocket Wifi 2-3 years ago and it costing more than double that amount. Kinda stings. Hahaha. But yeah, I’m glad those devices are getting more and more affordable now, and along with it is the coverage as well! Looking forward for the more in-depth review of the device such as speed and coverage on different areas!

  7. This makes me want to purchase it already since it is LTE, and it is not that pricey as well. Sure this would come in handy when travelling and blogging at the same time ahahaha!

  8. I’m planning to buy one for my sister but I’m not sure if Globe has a good coverage in my hometown. I’ll try to solve that question first then I would go for Globe mobile wifi. 🙂

  9. I don’t use pocket wifi because only connect through mobile data. I guess this good for those working people who are always on the go or for someone who has many gadgets with him. 🙂 Yey for this post.

  10. I will surely wait for the full review of this LTE Device because as a digital nomad I need a good wifi device that I can use anytime, anywhere and is reliable when it comes to usability and network strength!

  11. For those who want to get a mobile wifi they should check first if the network is working at their area. I bought a SMART BRO and didnt use for 6 mo because there is no signal at home.

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