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Change The Way You See Adventure

Jullian Robin Sibi 1

We always think of an adventure with the notion that you have to go somewhere unknown. It is something that you haven’t experienced before. What we don’t usually think about is the adventure right in front of us.

The adventure of everyday life.

adventure in the city

Now you might be thinking, “How is that an adventure?” Well, I managed to have a different perspective of what it means to have an adventure. There are some cases where I go to the same place I did before but I discovered something new. An example of that was just yesterday when we cooked rice with a frying pan during our batch outing. I know it sounds mundane, but we were surprised that we could do that.

adventure of rice cooking

I used to think that everyday life is boring and monotonous. It still feels that way sometimes. By seeing the meaning of all the little things that stand out, everyday life is just as fun to explore as a bungee jump. (But I have to admit, I wanna try bungee jumping! Haha)

Why don’t you try it yourself? Take the opportunity to see and do things like:

adventure at work
Learning something new at work!
Catching up with loved ones!
Catching up with loved ones!
adventure with family
Explore new things with family!
adventure in the city
Stop and appreciate the beauty within the bustling city.

You may hit a point where you get bored with everything in life. If you just find those little things, I’m sure you’ll have a short burst of adventure wherever you go!

You need a great camera that you have with you all the time in order to capture those short bursts of adventure. This is where Huawei changes the way you see mobile photography with their latest offering, the Huawei P9!

adventure in mobile photography with huawei p9
Take those short bursts of adventure around you with the Huawei P9! (Image from Huawei)

What makes the P9 different?

Its standout feature is the dual lens camera system co-engineered with Leica. With Leica’s camera expertise and Huawei’s engineering and smartphone expertise, they were able to offer an experience that lets you take high quality photos! It also lets you take amazing monochrome, slo-mo, colored, light painting photos among others.

The Huawei P9 is a great phone to take with you on your adventures, big or small.

I hope that as you see everyday life in a new light, you’ll capture those moments as a reminder of your newfound perspective!


  1. JD JD

    From waking up to taking a refreshing morning bath to the struggles of making breakfast is an adventure. A different perspective of things can really change the way we think. This is inspiring. 😀

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