My Globe Prepaid Experience.

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Sorry if this has been long overdue, but I’ve been really really occupied with work and posting on my other blog, JustJullian. You should check that blog out, by the way. Here’s the reason why that blog exists. Anyway, here are my overall thoughts on my experience with Globe Prepaid.

After around 3 months of using the Globe & TM SIMs with their respective promos and the Tattoo Mobile Wi-Fi, I have a lot of things to say about the current offerings of Globe Prepaid.


globe prepaid tattoo mobile wifi with my macbook
Seriously, I’m doing stuff here. Haha.


I’m a software engineer by day and blogger/human being the rest of the day. Hehe. Basically, I live and breathe the internet. When I’m not in the office, I usually do my daily routines and surf the web a lot. I need a reliable internet connection so that I can post to my blog (complete with photo and video uploads).

I also do random browsing through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. with my phone and sometimes mobile data can eat up your phone’s battery like a hungry wolf! I just love having a backup device I can rely on whenever I’m in a tough spot.


globe prepaid surf20 phone and sim


I’ve been using SURF20 so often. I really found it useful for times when I want to use my laptop to access the internet, especially when it comes to blogging. As I mentioned in my review, this promo is one of the best, if not the best promo that Globe has to offer. Best of all, it’s just P20 for 400MB of data valid for 1 day! Its only downside to my knowledge is that you can only register to this promo in Cebu. Besides that, it really is a great deal especially to Cebuanos who are internet-savvy!


Since SURF20 is a promo limited to Globe Prepaid subscribers who are in Cebu, I decided to try out GoSURF50. It’s a promo that gives you 700MB data! In addition to that, it gives you an additional 400MB for use with Spotify and the top mobile games around like Clash of Clans and Summoners War and another 100MB for watching YouTube videos! All of these are valid for 3 days! That’s really a lot for P50 in 3 days!

I constantly use this especially when I blog for extended hours in a coffee shop. It also helps that all promos from Globe Prepaid include Free Facebook so I don’t have to worry about Facebook eating up the data allocation! Hehe. This is another promo that’s worth every peso! If you can’t subscribe to the promo above, then this one’s for you!



To be honest, I didn’t use the TM SIM much because the Globe SIM and the Tattoo Mobile Wi-Fi were far more useful to me. Good thing the COC5 promo really pushed me to use this. Hehe. I said before that COC5 is great for hardcore Clash of Clans fans who are on a budget. COC doesn’t use up a lot of data over a long period of time, so P5 is really a bargain for all-day access!

Tattoo Mobile Wi-Fi


Of all the products I reviewed, the Tattoo Mobile Wi-Fi was the one I used the most. In fact, I tried out the Globe Prepaid promos using this device. It is truly a must-have device to own especially if you live and breathe the internet. You can basically bring this anywhere with a cell tower nearby and provide internet for up to 10 devices around you. You’d also get bonus street cred for this depending on who you’re with. Hehe.

If you wanna know the details of my experience with this awesome device, check out my review! In case you wanna grab one, they’re offering it for a super low price of P888!

Final Thoughts

Globe has really come a long way from just being another player in the telecom space. Right now, they are leading the way in mobile services and experiences. It’s so nice that they can provide amazing experiences from their data promos to their on-the-go broadband devices to their partnerships with some of the leading content providers. I was a Globe subscriber back in the day when having unlimited texts was a big deal. It’s a good thing they caught on with the trends and pushed forward with giving us more ways to create a wonderful world.

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Thank you to Globe Prepaid for the SIMs and the Tattoo Mobile Wi-Fi! 🙂

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