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Globe Prepaid SURF20 Review!

Jullian Robin Sibi 1

During the first day of the DigitalPro Bootcamp, we were given a Globe Prepaid SIM along with the Tattoo Mobile WiFi and TM SIM to try out. We were asked to try out their flagship products and promos and give our thoughts on it. One of those was Globe Prepaid Surf20. In this post, I share my experiences with this promo and mention what’s good with it.

DISCLAIMER: This review presents the thoughts of the author of this blog and not of the organization (Cebu Blogging Community).

What is Globe Prepaid SURF20?

SURF20 is the latest promo from Globe Prepaid which gives you 400MB data to use for 1 day! It actually started last January and is ONLY AVAILABLE for registration in Cebu. Fortunately, you can still use the data even though you’ll leave Cebu (as long as you’re in the Philippines, of course) until the promo expires. Subscribing to this promo lets you have Free Facebook and Viber usage! To avail of this promo, just text SURF20 to 8888. For more info on the promo, check out the Globe website.


Since I wanted to try out the Globe Prepaid SURF20 promo while I’m out and about the streets, I decided to register in the middle of the day so that I can check whether the registration goes through right away. However, I work in Cebu IT Park and Globe’s signal is really strong here due to their giant cell tower just within their building structure. Hehe. I hoped to get a good experience out of this one. The phone I’m using to experience the promo is a Starmobile Jump Android smartphone. It’s pretty low-end so I expected poor performance by today’s standards. It’s enough for me to try out Globe’s promo though as its target market would be those having entry-level Android smartphones.

My main phone is an iPhone 6 on a Globe Postpaid plan so I may be biased to say the least. And being biased isn’t bad at all. I took the step of just using the Android phone for this review rather than attempt to fit it in my main phone so I can feel what the target market


I calculated the Peso/MB ratio (it is the cost for 1MB of data) for the Globe Prepaid SURF20 promo and it is really a big value for those who avail it. It even competes well with the Postpaid promos except for the data allocation. For context, I included the Peso/MB ratio of GoSurf50 and GoSurf999. Note that GoSurf promos come with FREE Spotify/HOOQ and other services so I’m going for the actual data allocation here since not everyone uses Spotify/HOOQ for their media consumption. I used the 1GB = 1024 MB conversion for the calculation.

SURF20 Promo Amount: P20
SURF20 Data Allocation: 400MB
SURF20 Peso/MB Ratio: P0.05/MB
GoSurf50(350MB) Peso/MB Ratio: P0.14/MB (estimated)
GoSurf999(5GB) Peso/MB Ratio: P0.20/MB (estimated)

Based on that alone, Globe Prepaid SURF20 offers the best bang for your precious hard-earned peso! Although there’s no use recommending this if the service itself wasn’t good.

globe prepaid surf20 phone and sim

Overall Experience

Fortunately, my experience with using Globe Prepaid SURF20 is great! The connection is good even though I’ve been moving around IT Park a lot. It also helps that there’s Free Facebook so there’s no worry about it eating through my data. I’ve been using the data to download app updates from Google Play and there was no sudden interruption happening. Despite the minor hiccups such as the one in the Instagram app where I can’t load some images (it also applies to the Postpaid connection), I didn’t have a bad time while surfing the web. I can wholeheartedly recommend this promo to people who use a lot of data in a day when they need it. I also recommend this promo to people who are getting their first smartphone because you can never settle for just the good choice but go for the best choice and value for your money. Good job, Globe! Keep it up!

That’s it for the Globe Prepaid SURF20 review. Watch out for my TM Review later in the week. Until then!

This post is part of a series of posts I am doing for the DigitalPro Bootcamp organized by the Cebu Blogging Community (www.cebublogging.community) in partnership with eStrat Media (www.estratmedia.com/digitalpro), Global Hub Serviced Offices (www.globalhub.ph), and Globe Prepaid (www.globe.com.ph/prepaid).

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