Coffee Break: Coffee Bean’s Holiday Launch!

This post is part of a special edition of Coffee Break dedicated to this year's holiday promotions of two of the most popular coffee shops in the Philippines. First up is Coffee Bean!

What’s up guys! I recently got to attend Coffee Bean’s 2015 Holiday Launch event yesterday at their Ayala Cebu Terraces branch! Following their successful “Brew Your Best Year” campaign, the theme for this year’s holiday promotion is “Give Flavorfully”.  I got the invite by posting something on Instagram. Here’s the post:

Before the event started, we got our nametags from the entrance. After that, we ate some good food such as muffins and sandwiches! I didn’t know exactly what the names of the food were but you can look at them in all their glory below!

After we’ve had our fill of food and coffee (because duh, Coffee Bean) the program finally kicked off! It started with a look-back on previous iterations on the Journal. Did you know that Coffee Bean just started out with giving a notebook in 2009? They put more focus on the giving aspect of the promotion at the time. Nowadays, Coffee Bean has a full-blown journal complete with a good design and coupons you can use in Coffee Bean stores!

Here’s a good look at Coffee Bean’s 2016 Giving Journal!


I love the design of the Giving Journal for this  year! It has a really great feel to it. Unlike last year’s Starbucks planner which felt more like felt, (see what I did there?) this one has a softer feel to it. Hopefully the black-and-green competitor comes up with something new for this year. Hmmmm.

After the information about the 2016 Giving Journal was disseminated, we had a very interesting workshop! It was actually a water color & brush calligraphy session by Earl Tawny Hisoler! She’s actually a good friend of mine who happens to balance her work life being a MedTech, a teacher, and being awesome at artistic stuff like this! Check her Instagram for examples of her art!

Anyway, we all learned from her the basic techniques of how to use water color and do simple brush calligraphy. The event wouldn’t be complete without a contest! We each had to come up with our own artwork with what we’ve learned. Sadly I didn’t win but at least I think my artwork looked nice.


Do you agree with me? Ignore the cookie though.

All in all, I really had fun with the event! I even met up with some friends that I don’t see that often and made new ones too! We got some goodie bags to take home. Even if we didn’t win anything, at least we didn’t go out empty-handed! Hehe.

Wait! I forgot to tell you guys about how you can get the Coffee Bean 2016 Giving Journal! Have no fear, a video’s here!

Until next time guys! 🙂 Thanks to The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf for inviting me to the event. 🙂

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