At The Yolk!

After months of being deprived, I finally got to eat in Yolk Coffee & Breakfast! On top of that, I got to do that during my birthday celebration dinner with barkada! I was so happy to get to do this with them. We’ve been through a lot. Enough with the drama, on to my thoughts on Yolk!


Yolk has this homey feeling. It really feels like you’re sitting back and relaxing in the comforts of your own home. Even the furniture of the place reflects such atmosphere. It makes you wanna sleep sometimes! Hehe. You can even smell the coffee they’re brewing if you’re near the back. It really adds to the “homey-ness” of the place. The reason why I really wanted to go to Yolk in the first place was due to their breakfast food!

They have a variety of dishes that revolve around breakfast food like BACON! EGGS! And more! Hehehehehe. Here are some of their dishes that some of us got:


First up is what I picked: the Fat Boy! It’s quite heavy for dinner but very scrumptuous nonetheless! It has chorizo, breakfast ham, bacon, 2 eggs, and the choice of rice or toast. I really loved the taste of their chorizo and bacon! This certainly was a lot to eat for dinner but I really enjoyed every single bite of this!


Next, we have the Chorizo and Eggs in a Pan! Don’t let this weird looking dish deceive you because this dish is one of my favorites! I really love how the spanish chorizo gets you in the mouth. It’s really full of flavor from the first try and only gets better as you get more!


Finally, here’s one of their featured dishes: the Eggs Benny – Bacon! This has poached eggs (which I didn’t know what they would look like until I saw this) on italian bread, with bacon and salad. I haven’t tried this though so I might save this for the next visit? Hehehe. It looks nice though.

They priced their food right. Each dish is just around P200-300. I love the ambience of the place as it’s also good for long conversations and study sessions. I can really recommend this place to people who love breakfast food (which is most of us) and those who’d like a homey feel in a restaurant.


Just so you know, I was with my barkada during that night. I’d like to thank them for celebrating my birthday with me. I appreciate it jud! Love you guys!

Yolk Coffee & Breakfast is located in Mabolo, Cebu City. You can visit their website (http://www.yolkcafeph.com) for their menu and check out their Facebook Page (Yolk – Coffee and Breakfast). I hope you got hungry by the food I showed you here! Hehe.

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