I’m Jullian and I Owned a Broken iPhone.

broken iphone header This is what happened to my iPhone 6 in the morning of May 29, 2015. It showed blue and white vertical lines on the screen and I could not even use the touch screen to access any of my messages or my apps. I felt rattled, thinking that I would be waiting for a week or two before I could get my phone back. I didn’t have a choice anyway so I went to Power Mac Center during lunch break. They first told me that my phone would go through a full check by one of their staff before determining whether it should be for repair. Then I would be informed of its condition in 1-2 days as standard. So I left them my phone and they gave me a receipt as acknowledgement that they have my phone. After leaving the place, I went back to work and letting life go on.

replacement for broken iphone

While I was on “iPhone hiatus”, I used an Android phone that was lying around the house. Good thing I still had this phone otherwise I would be forced to use someone else’s phone or having no phone at all. Honestly, I could go for a few days without a phone but since my parents and my girlfriend would worry about me, I just can’t go phone-less.

The next day, I went out of the house to visit my girlfriend who was on duty in the hospital. After we had good lunch, I decided to pass by Power Mac Center just to check out new stuff with a slight sliver of hope that the people there could give me an update on how my phone was doing. Little did I know that I came at the right time.


Ta-daaa! They told me that they would give me a replacement unit! And so after 6 months, I got another new iPhone 6! It helped that I was under warranty but still, I was fortunate that I didn’t need to pay for any parts since the screen itself was defective. Good thing I had a recent backup of my phone so I recovered most of my data. One of the best things about being in the Apple ecosystem is the robust backup/restore process and the extensive support. Even my sister’s laptop which was beyond the warranty had the internal storage replaced free of charge by Apple and “implicitly” did a recall for the model of her laptop.

And oh, in case you’ll doubt me, here’s the service receipt Power Mac Center gave me when they released the new replacement unit.


If this is what I get for paying more money for an Apple product, then I’d happily pay for this robust support system. Good job, Apple! You just gave me another reason to keep rooting for you! 🙂

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