STATUS UPDATE #2: Lost Focus.

Hello there! It sucks that I don’t get to post so often because I’ve been preoccupied with work, being with my family, and being with my girlfriend. Don’t worry, I’m not really gone and I won’t hit the reset button and start a new blog again. I have some stuff planned for the blog this week. This time I am motivated as ever to bring those new posts to you.

I wanna start by posting that greatly postponed iPhone 6 review which I’ve been working on for a long time now. After that, I’m going to put my first Summer post for 2015! Ooooh, that should be fun! I may do some random posts after that to round up the week. I don’t know how I’m gonna schedule my blogging but at least this is a start. I hope that I can do it this time. I wanna keep on blogging so that I can at least be productive with something after work.

Good luck to me then. 😀

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