Stop. Look. And Destress.


It seems to catch up to me sometimes. Good thing this isn’t the kind of stress that I experienced when I was still in school. Deadlines that pile up during finals. Sleep was almost nonexistent during thesis times. It’s also nice that stress at work can always be managed by a good night’s sleep or browsing the internet for a good read or a good watch.

Sometimes the source of that stress can be too much internet. I know that the internet is a great source for a lot of information these days including how your friends have been (Facebook), how-to-do stuff (YouTube), and even other people’s thoughts (blogs). It’s just that sometimes there is that urge to just go to the internet. This behavior is so true especially for millenials who almost live by the internet. Haven’t you stopped and seen the flowers lately?

Sometimes there is a need to STOP. The need to take a break from work and being hyper-connected. Taking that break just keeps getting harder thanks to our smartphones. My advice? Control your smartphone. Don’t let it control you. There are certain moments in life where being in the moment is better than capturing the moment. The feeling would be radically different.

So just stop, look around, and take your time experiencing life. I sure did.

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